Spiritual Care Competence Questionnaire

Different Language Versions

Spiritual Care competences may be influenced by cultural and spiritual characteristics of different groups and societies. Therefore, the operationalization of these competences might differ between cultures and professions.

The Spiritual Care Competence Questionnaire (SCCQ) is currently tested in different language versions, i.e., German, English, Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch, Norwegian, Lithuanian, Hebrew, Arabic, Japanese


Germany: Tania Ximena Pastrana Uruena, University Clibic Aachen

Netherlands: Merel Schoot, Agna Bartels and Rogier Hoenders - Center of Integrated Psychiatry

Norway: Lars Mandelkow, Ansgar University College/Norway

Lithuania: Arūnas Germanavičius, Republican Vilnius Psychiatry Hospital

Italy: Laura Zorzella, Fatebenefrateli, Brescia

Japan: Hiroko Shimizu,  Kagawa University

Pakistan: Malik Muhammad Sohail, Government College University Faisalabad

Columbia: Alicia Krikorian. Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Medellín

Mexico: Leticia Ascencio Huerta, Servicio de Cuidados Paliativos del Instituto Nacional de Cancerología México